Founded in 1986 and based in Montpellier, France, Semco Technologies is one of the most advanced engineering companies specialized in the development and manufacture of photovoltaic and semi-conductor capital equipment backed by disruptive technology:

  • Process technology solutions, covering applications from production PV to flexible consumer electronics.
  • Photovoltaic and Semicon equipment, with specialities in reduced-pressure diffusion, LPCVD, direct-PECVD and automation.
  • Turnkey PV manufacturing plants, from UMG Silicon metallurgy to solar modules.
  • Next-generation high-efficiency solar cell technologies.

SEMCO Technologies primary mission is to deliver leading-edge industrial and technological solutions to the renewable energy industry. We are committed to deliver innovative and cost-effective products and services on time that meet our customer requirements through continual improvement of quality and work practices.

About the semco group


SEMCO Technologies's vision is to ease and increase access to solar electricity — widely distributed, truly renewable and free from geopolitical implications — so that it becomes a clear and sound source of energy.

The market and the way to reach a balanced energy mix
The global market for PV systems is now strongly expanding but large-scale use of solar energy requires a dramatic reduction in the cost-to-efficiency ratio. Constant innovation is needed to satisfy the requirements of scale up, cost and reliability. Novel manufacturing processes promise to enhance performance while lowering costs. More dramatic advances may come from developing disruptive technologies based on new device architecture or innovative materials. The intermittency of power production requires that large-scale energy storage and grid management be developed if solar is to become a large contributor to overall carbon-neutral energy supplies. Further, shift from fossils to renewables and rise of a healthy, competitive and fair marketplace needs appropriate regulatory and policy support structures for solar energy development.  

A specialized profession
Specialists from the start in designing, manufacturing and commercializing diffusion, LPCVD & PECVD equipment, related processes and automation solutions, SEMCO Technologies’s know-how is based on our experience with hundreds of machines installed and running worldwide corresponding to an effective annual manufacturing capacity of about 5 GWp.  

A range of suitable products with process applications in mind
With a range of products designed to meet current and future processing requirements, we have strengthened our position in various high-performance PV technology sectors, such as TopCon, n-type bifacial PERT and PERC. Furthermore, SEMCO Technologies has developed a strategy aimed at niche markets such as flexible electronics and thin films photovoltaics.


SEMCO Technologies provides quality capital equipment and component to leading-edge technology markets with a specific focus on semiconductors & photovoltaics, a strong driver of global economic development which spawn, against all odds, new activities, innovation and jobs every year.

SEMCO Technologies is part of ECM Technologies, a group.

SEMCO Technologies Management


SEMCO Technologies actively manages global support through subsidiaries and service centers.

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