SEMCO Technologies's TWYN is a compact batch-type direct PECVD system for neat anti-reflective coating and passivation processes in the manufacturing of Silicon solar cells.

Low-frequency plasma (40 KHz) is directly generated and confined to the horizontal parallel graphite plate boats gently supporting the wafers (no pinmarks and no downtime due to heavy maintenance). Multitube design ensures 24/7 operation even when the reaction chambers are under tuning  or in loading/unloading mode. The wafer transport is fully automated from cassettes or inline conveyor to tubes and back. SEMCO Group's TWYN is the solution of choice for PERC and PID-free solar cell technologies and offers all the means for 24/7 full production in a compact, easy-to-maintain, safe and robust vertical furnace platform.

  • Up to 4 vertical metal reaction chambers (280 wafer positions per chamber)
  • Low maintenance downtime due to direct plasma system
  • Horizontal wafer orientation (face up) with no shadow effect from supporting pins
  • Variable process sequences for stacked and graded layers (SiNx, SiOx, SiOxNy, etc.)
  • Black cell ARC compliant
  • PID-free process solution
  • Provides excellent surface and bulk passivation.
  • In-situ plasma cleaning and post deposition annealing capabilities
  • 100% inspection of incoming and outcoming wafers capability
  • Throughput up to 2100 wafer/h (size 156 x 156-mm).