Gas Flow Components

SEMCO Technologies specialized in the design and manufacture of mass flow controllers, precision valves and assemblies for the control of liquids and gases used in the fabrication of semiconductor, optical and PV materials.

Originally a spin-off company of the ASM Gas Handling Systems business unit, the company has been operating since 1982 supplying Universities, labs, Research centers, OEMs and fabs with innovative gas flow components. In 1986, the company set the standards for high purity process control by pioneering the introduction of the modular gas panel technology. Qualiflow is also behind numerous technological breakthroughs such as the 1/4” high-flow standard. The company has filed a number of patents worldwide, maintains an extensive R&D effort to preserve its technological edge, and provides global support through the SEMCO network.

The portfolio consists of four product lines:

  • Analog & digital MFCs for liquids and gas.
  • Precision valves & accessories.
  • Gas distribution systems.
  • Vaporization systems & gas injectors, which all reflect the company’s innovation culture.

Analog & Digital Mass Flow Controllers for Liquids and Gas

  • Analog MFCs used to control process gas flows up to 250 slm at the best price.
  • Digital MFCs for repeatability and accuracy (electromagnetic valve) range up to 250 slm.
  • Power supplies, readout boxes and control softwares for analog or digital supervision.

Precision Valves and Accessories

  • Bellows and diaphragm shut-off valves (with toggle, ¼ turn or pneumatic actuators).
  • In-line filters, check valves, interconnection fittings (elbow, tee, etc.) and more.

Gas Distribution Systems

  • Stand-alone (incl. PLC) gas panels (MFC & pressure control) for research and industry.
  • OEM automated UHP delivery gas cabinets for optical fibres and semi-conductors.

Vaporization Systems and Gas Injectors

  • Solid- and liquid-source evaporators for accurate handling of gas flows of reactants.
  • Vent/Run valved gas injectors with high-temperature capabilities.
SEMCO QUALIFLOW Gas Flow Components