The SEMCO Group offers a range of compact, high performance software-controlled bench-top and standalone reduced-pressure, vacuum and thin film deposition tools for research and development on the synthesis of nanomaterials with unique optical, electronic, or mechanical properties.

Our core technology is the handling and delivery of ultrapure, accurate, repeatable and stable vapor streams into controlled-atmosphere thermal systems. This knowledge is based on a sound understanding of physical and thermodynamic phenomena with the support of in-house computational fluid dynamics capabilities to model gas flow, chemical reactions and heat transfer within the vapor generation system and the reaction chamber. Source materials can be from a very wide range of molecular compounds and in any form at ambient temperature. Highly modular designs allow for ease of configuration to your specific application and for straight-forward upgrade for as your requirements evolve. SEMCO Group is also able to provide custom-designed equipment addressing your specific needs. To find out more about a SEMCO Group Nanomaterials and Opto product, please click on a link on the right.