The ECM Technologies Group proudly announces the successful acquisition of the Semco Group.

Supported by ECM’s institutional investors (BPI France) and financials (Siparex, CAPIDA, InnovaFonds, RDD), our subsidiary ECM Greentech, specializing in renewable energy & storage, acquired the assets and IP of the French companies SEMCO Engineering, IRYSOLAR and Qualiflow-Therm. The activities of these three companies were merged into a new entity named SEMCO Technologies, and will remain based in its historical city of Montpellier in the south of France.

Following this merger, the ECM Technologies Group workforce is now exceeding 300 employees and generating 90 Million Euro revenue.

ECM is specialized in the design, manufacturing, installation and service of high-tech industrial furnaces, and established itself as a global leading supplier, active in various industrial sectors such as automotive, photovoltaic, aerospace, nuclear and medical.

SEMCO has a 30 year proven track record developing innovative processes like LYDOP®, components (i.e. Electrostatic Chucks) and equipment (TWYN®) for the semiconductor- and photovoltaics industries. This last branch will be a new and exciting diversification opportunity for ECM.

ECM Greentech, currently in the markets of renewable energies and energy storage, with the integration of SEMCO Technologies will become the French leader and a worldwide actor in photovoltaic equipment manufacturing for the end to end value chain, from ingots to cells.

We hereby thank all our trade and finance partners, our customers, our suppliers, and fellow research centers, for their unwavering support and trust in our development strategy based on people, innovation and global presence.