SEMCO Technologies's LYDOP is the industry standard for the elaboration of Phosphorous and Boron emitters with record sheet resistance values and uniformities using POCl3 and BCl3 diffusion processes.

The reduce pressure operating conditions in the tubes prevent over-saturation of the doping sources, and results in a more homogeneous flow distribution, which saves process gas and produces better quality solar cells. SEMCO Group's LYDOP features multiple process capability and offers all the means for 24/7 full production in a compact, easy-to-maintain, safe and robust horizontal furnace platform. Its five-zone thermal control provides excellent Rs uniformity on any types of emitters. The higher the homogeneity, the greater the throughput, as wafers can then be packed back-to-back into carrier boats. With a capacity of 1,400 wafers per tube, LYDOP is by far the most productive diffusion platform on the market.



  • Reduced pressure horizontal diffusion furnace
  • Up to 5 stacked quartz tube reaction chambers
  • No thermal interference between different tubes
  • POCl3 and BCl3 handling with automated refill from central dispatching systems
  • Lower consumption of process gases and precursors compared to competition machines
  • In situ characterization and monitoring tools
  • Fully automated wafer transport from cassettes or inline conveyor to tubes and back
  • Unsurpassed throughput with up to 1,400 wafers per tube in back-to-back loading.