SEMCO Technologies's LYTOX thermal oxidation system is the result of years of experience in reduced-pressure technology and surface passivation tube furnaces used in the semiconductor industry.

Flexibility of the LYTOX system allows elaboration of SiOx (Silicon oxide) passivation layers through dry or wet thermal oxidation, as well as post-implantation damage annealing. Dry oxidation resulting in higher density oxide and breakdown voltage is favored over wet oxidation for surface passivation of high-efficiency Silicon solar cells and led to the highest conversion efficiencies reported so far. Elaboration of  very thin and stable oxide layers is effected at temperatures of about 800°C under pure oxygen atmosphere with process parameters adjusted to slow down the growth rate. High purity of the process environment is ensured by preparation of the process tube with oxygen and Trans-LC at temperatures below 800 C°. SEMCO Group's LYTOX features all the means for 24/7 full production in a compact, easy-to-maintain, safe and robust horizontal furnace platform.

Lytox | Reduced pressure Oxidation


  • Reduced pressure horizontal thermal oxidation furnace
  • Up to 5 stacked quartz tube reaction chambers
  • No thermal interference between different tubes
  • Compliant with dry (In-torch system) and wet (DI water steamer) oxidation processes
  • Trans-LC/ DCE handling with automated refill from central dispatching system
  • Fully automated wafer transport from cassettes or inline conveyor to tubes and back
  • Unsurpassed throughput with up to 1,400 wafers per tube in back-to-back loading.