Products and services for the Research and Innovation in materials engineering and instrumentation are managed by SEMCO SFE (Solutions For Equipment), a Business Division of the SEMCO Group.

SEMCO SFE provides e-chucks, high precision thermal and gas handling solutions for our customers in the semiconductor, solar and nanotechnology research and industry through the supply of standard or custom-made components and systems. We continue to support our clients with service offerings and consulting services after commissioning and start-up through our global network.

Our solutions at a glance

  • Rapid thermal processing (RTP) and annealing (RTA) systems
  • Lab-scale batch-type tube furnaces for LPCVD, diffusion, annealing, PECVD, etc.
  • R&D RTP/muffle furnace for Sulphur & Selenium deposition and crystallization (TFPV)
  • Roll-to-roll CVD furnace for deposition on flexible substrates (metal, polymers).
  • Precision electrostatic chucks for semiconductor or solar wafer handling
  • High-purity gas flow components and distribution systems.
  • Consumables, replacement parts and
  • Retrofittings, refurbishments and upgrades of components and equipment
  • Optimization of processes and semicon/PV production stages

Full process and service support team available, direct from the SEMCO Group Headquarters.