SEMCO Group offers robust and versatile roll-to-roll (also known as reel-to-reel) atmospheric pressure plasma, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and evaporation platform dedicated to the deposition of semiconductor thin films or the elaboration of nanostructured materials on a continuous roll of flexible metal or polymer foil substrate (Size up to 300-mm width).

Processing can be effected at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum. The equipment is easily expandable through the insertion of add-on processing modules (e.g. cleaning, etch, spray deposition, co-evaporation, sputtering, etc.). The SEMCO Group's roll-to-roll systems already serve a wide variety of applications ranging from flexible consumer electronics to thin-film solar photovoltaics on 2D and tridimensional substrates.

SEMCO Roll to roll Web coating


  • Software-controlled multi-process roll-to-roll coating system
  • Loading and unloading on 3-inch expandable chucks
  • Automated conveyor from in-feed to out-feed rollers
  • Stable handling of flexible foils
  • Isolation to the atmosphere achieved by means of gas curtains
  • Resistive or halogen-lamp (RTP) heating capability
  • High uniformity showerhead-type vent/run gas injector
  • High purity gas system (any type of precursor)
  • Powerful safety interlocking system
  • Modular design for easy installation and start-up.