Thin-film deposition is any technique for depositing a thin film (ranging from a monolayer to several microns in thickness) of elemental or compound material onto a substrate or onto previously deposited layers.
The film is formed by atoms directly transported from the precursor source to the substrate through gas phase. The spectacular growth in the semiconductor industry and the continued trend in miniaturization over the last 20 years has been fueled in large part by improved thin film deposition techniques (e.g. evaporation, sputtering or CVD) and the development of highly specialized equipment to enable this deposition. The SEMCO Group, through its busines unit SFE, is today strongly active in the area and offers two models of high-quality thin film deposition systems, covering all research and pilot-production aspects of advanced applications such as thin film photovoltaics, flexible electronics, organic photonics or emerging materials (e.g. kesterides, fullerenes):

  • Tunnel furnace / RTP & Evaporation capabilties for thin film PV elaboration
  • Roll to roll platform / Dedicated to continuous processing on flexible foil substrate

Design and manufacturing of custom equipment addressing your specific needs in terms of features, capabilities or performance is also possible. if you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.