Thin Film Photovoltaics (TFPV) technology, which is used to manufacture different kinds of non-silicon solar cells and modules, is another SEMCO Group’s key competence.

The company operates this activity through the Business Unit SFE (Solutions for Equipment) and under the brands Jipelec and SEMCO. Jipelec is a strong heritage brand with technology leadership and is today a product line of the SEMCO Group’s SFE Division. This entity is active since the early 80s in the design, development and commercialization of rapid thermal processing (RTP) and annealing (RTA) equipment to University laboratories, Research centers and fabs worldwide. With more than 500 systems up and running, Jipelec is one of the world's leading supplier of RTP systems to the semiconductor, MEMS and photovoltaic research markets, and provides global support through the SEMCO Group's subsidiaries and service centers.

SEMCO SFE supplies process-orientated research and small-scale production single-wafer, in-line and roll-to-roll tools in all customary sizes for heat treatment and processing of advanced materials and devices on rigid or flexible substrates.