Supporting our partners at all times, preventing typical pitfalls and securing overall quality of end products are parts of our DNA.

That is why, at SEMCO Technologies, we think that a quality training, combined with a complete, clear and accessible documentation, is essential to the smooth and efficient use of our products or services and consequently to be successful in achieving a technology transfer. Increasing our customers’ knowledge, capabilities and technical expertise is accomplished through comprehensive on-site training programs conducted by certified company’s experts in a combination of classroom training and practical experience using your machine or the SEMCO Technologies's fabrication lab equipment and covering all aspects of the topics concerned. As an example, here below a brief summary of a training program for a PV cell fabrication line:

  • Basic training of operators including the start-up and use of equipment, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as the fundamentals of PV cell fabrication, wafer transport technology, the interaction between equipment and the use of process supervisors.
  • The training of line supervisors (technicians) includes basic and advanced training on PV cell fabrication, the use of process supervisors, the quality control procedures, the advanced configuration procedures, the personnel movement procedure and planning, the advanced troubleshooting procedures, introduction to key performance indicators, etc.
  • The training of production managers includes the training of line supervisors described above as well as the material value engineering, the analysis of advanced manufacturing yield, the inventory / WIP (work in progress) control, scheduling shifts, maintenance planning, advanced use of system data (transport, process, monitoring), techniques for analyzing the key performance indicators, and analysis of the overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Training begins at project launch and ends after stable steady state production is achieved. All personnel levels are trained (operators and technicians). Work instructions for each process step and job descriptions /competencies for each employee level are provided.