The SEMCO Group offers tunnel furnaces specifically designed for the elaboration and optimization of thin film photovoltaic absorbers - e.g. CIG (S,Se) chalcogenides.

Our TFPV tunnel furnace technology is based on innovative and flexible software-controlled single-substrate RTP/evaporation processes dedicated to the atmospheric-pressure selenization, sulphurisation, crystallization and soft cooling of electrodeposited or magnetron sputtered Cu-In-Ga multi-layer thin films on soda-lime glass sheets and metal foils (300-mm wide). Our processing environment is Oxygen-free and no toxic gas are used. Substrate transport and equipment supervision are fully automated.



  • Designed for the development of thin film PV materials on rigid or flexible substrate
  • Non-vacuum processing with nitrogen ballast and cold trap/dry pump assembly.
  • Isolation to the atmosphere achieved by shut-off gate valves
  • Double-chamber tool for separate control over evaporation and heat treatment
  • Automated variable-speed substrate transport from and back to the loadlock
  • Highly accurate resistive (evaporation module) and halogen lamp (RTP) heating
  • High purity gas distribution system for safe and precise handling of reactants
  • Powerful safety interlocking system with connections to lab’s safety system.
  • Full Installation and startup on-site by trained field service engineers
  • Worldwide support for consumables and spare parts.