Vertically integrated business model in PV offers a solar power generation solution from a single source.

Advantages of vertical integration are particularly significant in areas of cost reduction and quality control, by enabling to capture margins at every stage of the PV product value chain thanks to no cascading effect, and by reducing the production costs and costs associated with toll manufacturing, packaging and transportation as well as breakage losses that occur during shipment between various production locations (e.g. wafers, cells, modules). Operations at all stages of the PV value chain, including R&D, can be controlled, which enables to more closely monitor the quality of PV products from start to finish, design manufacturing processes in a way that enables to leverage technologies more efficiently and reduce costs at each stage of the manufacturing process. The synergy effect from vertically integrated business model enables to reduce the quantity of raw materials, streamline the manufacturing processes, increase the uptimes, improve the performance of end products, and lower the cost of kWh generated.

SEMCO_Vertical Integration