Electrostatic Chucks

SEMCO Technologies has been designing and manufacturing electrostatic chucks (ESC) and heating pedestals to the wafer processing industry since 1992. SEMCO provides leading OEMs, Semiconductor Fabs, foundries and laboratories worldwide with innovative and efficient wafer handling components as original equipment or retrofit. The company actively manages global support through SEMCO subsidiaries and service centers.

SEMCO Electrostatic Chucks offers smart solutions for clamping and processing of thin and ultra-thin wafers based on its proprietary ESC capacitive technology. SEMCO Technologies may also provide cooling, heating, biasing, vacuum, rotating and tilting capabilities, and are used in most of the advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, including lithography, ion-implantation, CVD, sputtering, etch, transport, metrology and inspection on any type of conductive and non-conductive substrate materials. Our ESC's are also available in multi polarities, are reworkable, and feature excellent thermal transfer properties under vacuum. It's no coincidence that SEMCO Electrostatic Chucks is today the preferred partner of most equipment manufacturers and refurbishers dealing with process or production challenges on a daily basis.

To find out more about our clamping solutions, please email us at saleschuck(at)semco-tech.com.


  • Safe and easy handling of semiconductor wafers, flat panel displays, solar cells, etc.
  • Clamping capability of a variety of materials including dielectrics and compounds.
  • Compatible with substrates from 3-inch to 450-mm diameter.
  • Wide operating temperature range between -250°C (-418°F) and +650°C (+1200°F).
  • Compatible with high bias applications and any atmospheric or vacuum positioning.
  • Homogeneous clamping forces with fast plug in/ plug out.
  • Capacity to handle customer specified design from the prototype phase to production.