IRYSOLAR PV Fabrication Laboratory

IRYSOLAR is the SEMCO Group Photovoltaics Fabrication Laboratory and was established in 2006 to develop the PV technology and produce, on demand, state-of-the-art crystalline Silicon solar cells according to the most advanced technology specifications.

This activity may take place, with the support of our scientists and engineers, as part of offsite technical development on materials, processing or testing, or as demonstration/qualification experiments before integration of new processing steps into an existing fabrication workflow. Thanks to its unique positioning, IRYSOLAR is also partnering with numerous research teams and cell manufacturers within the framework of R&D projects.The IRYSOLAR facility is equipped with all the processing and test tools required for manufacturing and characterizing p- and n-type high-efficiency cells.

  • Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) Photovoltaic Foundry with an average capacity of 5-MWp per year
  • 1000 m2 clean room facility (ISO-8) located in Montpellier (France)
  • Compatible with multi- and mono c-Si, p- and n-types, 156x size and any wafer geometry
  • R&D on manufacturing processes, from process development to pilot-scale production
  • Process engineering and qualification of c-Si production tools (show room)
  • Specifics of processing steps according to customer requirements
  • Staff training for photovoltaic laboratories and PV manufacturers

Irysolar is open to all collaborations in the field of c-Si photovoltaics and encourage you to submit your project to our research team, whatever its level of complexity, in order we define together how to use our experience and know-how in your best interests.