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About SEMCO Technologies

SEMCO Technologies is your expert partner to support your critical processes through reliable and innovative gas handling components and wafer clamping solutions. Reaching the highest quality for our customers is our priority.


Who we are

SEMCO Technologies primary mission is to deliver leading-edge industrial and technological solutions to the semiconductor industry. We are committed to deliver innovative and cost-effective products and services that meet with our customer requirements.

The continuous search for improvement of our quality and work practices allow us to bring your processes one step ahead. SEMCO Technologies designs and manufactures all of its products in France under 3 brands : SEMCO Technologies for eChucks and gas panels, Flowlink for gas components and Kemstream for advanced vaporizers.

Our history

About SEMCO Technologies

Established since more than 35 years, SEMCO Technologies joined the ECM Group in 2016. SEMCO Technologies has extensive knowledge in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries since it used to manufacture capital goods for these applications. The synergies with the other companies from the Group strengthened the aformentioned competencies. Today, it exclusively manufactures sensitive parts for advanced processes in these industries.

From a global offer to a unique activity

Based in Montpellier since 1986, SEMCO Technologies has established its reputation as an equipment supplier for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries. Following a joint project with the ECM Group, the capital goods offer for heat treatment has been integrated into the group's furnaces range while SEMCO Technologies has been focusing on developing its expertise in chucks and gas components manufacturing.

A synergy of expertises and sought competences

The focus on the development of the gas components and chucks offer has been a key step for the company's growth. This commitment to a single core activity has enabled a strong expertise and competencies enrichment on this market. This led SEMCO to become a reknown semiconductor actor in a short period of time. The acquisition of Flowlink, expert in gas flow control solutions in 2019 has strenghtened the company.

SEMCO now offers a wide and complete range of gas components for many applications and industries. In 2021, SEMCO Technologies acquired Kemstream and added its products to its portfolio : high performance vaporizers and evaporators.

An innovative and leading company

SEMCO Technologies' very sought expertise and technologies, innovations, product quality and external growths have made the company a reknown and key actor in the semiconductor industry. Its growth enabled the company to invest in new technologies. SEMCO provides the best service and experience to its customers. The aim for SEMCO Technologies is to perpetuate its high value products reliability and to become a long term trustful partner with its clients.


An international presence

SEMCO Technologies beneficiates from the distibution channels of the ECM Group, allowing it to be represented all over the world through its subsidiaries. Thanks to this international footprint, it guarantees fast delivery, accurate support and an agile organization.

Our brands


Key numbers

Established since more than 35 years, SEMCO Technologies designs and manufactures its products in France.


Manufacturing labs - 900m² cleanroom




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For any additional information, our teams are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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