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Electrostatic chucks

SEMCO electrostatic chucks offer smart solutions for the clamping and processing of thin and ultra-thin wafers.

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SEMCO Technologies, expert in electrostatic chucks

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SEMCO Technologies has been designing and manufacturing in France innovative electrostatic chucks (ESC) and heating pedestals for the wafer processing industry since 1992.

SEMCO Technologies provides leading OEMs, Semiconductor Fabs, foundries and laboratories worldwide, directly, or through SEMCO Technologies subsidiaries and service centers.

About our chucks

Technical caracteristics

Safe and easy handling of semiconductor wafers, flat panel displays, solar cells, etc. Clamping capability of a variety of materials including dielectrics and compounds.



Compatible with substrates from 50-mm to 450-mm diameter.

Process Temperature

Process Temperature

Wide operating temperature range between -150°C (-238°F) and +650°C (+1200°F).

Coulombic based technology

Coulombic based technology

For Si and III-V wafers, compatible with non conductive substrates sus as Sapphire, TSV carriers etc.

Electrode Type

Electrode Type

Bi-Polar, Multi-Polar.

Wafer Contact Surface

Wafer Contact Surface

Custom Pattern dedicated to customer's applications.


Our eChucks

Electrostatic smart clamping solutions for thin and ultra-thin wafers.

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ESCs - Our expertise

SEMCO Technologies offers reliable solutions for clamping and processing of standard, thin and ultra-thin wafers by using proprietary ESC capacitive technology. We also have the ability to manufacture ESC's that have embedded heaters. Complete set of thermal modelling tools for BSG regulation, optimization of thermal transfer and temperature uniformity control. Optimized backside particle control


Our certifications and qualifications

SEMCO Technologies continously seeks to invest in new manufacturing technologies, research and development and trainings for its teams. We aim at providing the best products and services to our customers and we are commited to meet the highest levels in terms of quality and technicality!

ISO 9001

Project on going - End 2023


COFREND 2 qualification for leak test calculation


Employees and equipment QMOS certified

ISO 7 Cleanroom

All our products are manufactured in ISO 7 cleanroom


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For any additional information, our teams are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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