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Discover the Kemstream range

Advanced vaporizers

Our Vapbox range of advanced vaporizers for Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) are dedicated to all chemical vapor and atomic layer deposition processes (CVD and ALD) machines.

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Discover our vaporizers

Vapbox DLI vaporizers use an innovative and patented injection-vaporization technology. They can handle and vaporize a very wide range of CVD and ALD precursors.

The unique proprietary injection-atomization implemented on Vapbox DLI vaporizers achieves flash vaporization allowing for a very fast response time of the vaporizer.

Advanced vaporizers


All Vapbox DLI vaporizers use KEMSTREAM innovative and proprietary injection head and optimized heat transfers. It allows them to provide unmatched performances based on a very fine pulsed atomization of a pulsed liquid flow mixed with a carrier gas prior to injection inside the vaporizer. Vapbox are available from one to four injection heads and can operate at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.


Our certifications and qualifications

SEMCO Technologies continually trains its personnel, upgrades its equipments and manufacturing tools to meet with the level of requirement expected by its customers.


COFREND 2 qualification for leak test calculation


Employees and equipment QMOS certified

ISO 7 Cleanroom

All our products are manufactured in ISO 7 cleanroom


Technical caracteristics

The co-injection of carrier gas and liquid/solution allows an efficient liquid atomization and good mixing of carrier gas with the liquid.

Process temperature

Process temperature

Up to 300°C maximum



At atmospheric pressure or under vacuum



Handles a very wide range of chemicals


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